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Hoisting services

hoist services.

goods only hoists

Goods only hoists
to ladder hoists.

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ripley generator hire

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Plant Hire

plant hire services.

plant hire derby

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excavators available.

Goods Only, Rack & Pinion & Ladder Hoists

Hoisting Services provide a range of leading multipurpose hoists

Goods Only Hoists

It is not permitted for passengers to ride in goods only hoists as they are not fitted with a roof. This does, however, enable the vertical transportation of larger items, as long as they are safely contained within the confines of the cage.

Goods only hoist cages are equipped with large drop down flaps at either end of the cage to provide a loading ramp to the landing level. This enables pallet trucks and trollies to be moved in to and out of the cage with ease.

The operation of goods only hoists is carried out from the ground level using a pendant control attached to the base electrical enclosure by a cable. This allows the operator to stand back from the hoist, enabling him to see the required landing level and stop the hoist cage within the permitted zone. If the hoist cage stops outside the permitted zone, then it is not possible for the person on the landing to open the landing gate and gain access to the hoist cage for unloading.

Goods only hoists are available with cage internal lengths of 1.0 – 3.2 metres, internal widths of 1.4 – 2.0 metres and payloads of 100KG – 1500Kg and use one or two motors

Rack & Pinion Hoists

The SUPERLIFT and UNILIFT are exceptional rack and pinion hoists, designed to lift heavy loads with the greatest of ease. An asset to any construction site. A Simple push-button control panel operates the hoist.

The platform has loading ramps on 3 sides for maximum access (500kg 2 sides only) For easy transportation of bulky goods this hoist can be supplied with a 3m cage upon request, and for flexibility this hoist is available in 4 different capacities; 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg, 1200kg, 1500kg.

  • Large size platforms – up to 3.1m
  • 30 m/min hoisting speed for high capacity
  • Overload Protection
  • Over-speed safety brake
  • Machine mounted control box

Ladder Hoists

These multi-purpose ladder lifts have a wide range of attachments, making them versatile enough for many different applications.

They are the best way to get building materials from ground to roof ridge, especially if ground is limited.

  • Limit switches fitted to both top and bottom rails
  • Heavy-duty aluminium ladder frames in 1m and 2m sections
  • Knuckle joints allow rails to be bent over eaves for roofing work
  • Uni-platform (tile carrier) comes as standard attachment